Billy Jo Jive, self-described super crimefighting ace, was a prepubescent African-American detective in animated segments on Sesame Street in the late 1970s and early 80s. Along with his sidekick, Smart Susie Sunset, Billy Jo would solve crimes in his neighborhood.

The series was produced Shearer Visuals and former Terrytoons animator Ray Favata and animated by his production partner Ed Seeman. Its theme song was an electronic funk instrumental by Richard C. Sanders called "Afrocat."

The characters of Billy Jo and Smart Susie originated in a series of children's books by John Shearer, with illustrations by his father Ted Shearer. The series debuted with Billy Jo Jive, Super Private Eye: The Case of the Missing Ten Speed Bike in 1976. When the sequel The Case of the Sneaker Snatcher was published in 1977, the cover boldly advertised "Don't miss Billy Jo Jive and Susie Sunset on Sesame Street!"

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The New Billy Jo Jive

In 2012 John Shearer teamed up with Meriday Animation to work on an exciting new Billy Jo Jive Super Private Eye animated series. The new project will feature a new CGI animated look for Billy Jo, Susie Sunset, and the rest of the gang. The project is currently under development.

Billy Jo Jive Books

Are you looking for a great book for your kid’s to read? You can find classic Billy Jo Jive Super Private Eye books on Amazon.com.